Undoctrinate Yourselves, We Are Asking Nicely.

It’s time.

We need to have a serious talk about some radicalized folks that walk amongst us. 

We see them alone in their cars with masks on, or out jogging on a Saturday morning and passing wildly out of path to put 20 ft. between them and the world. 

In the beginning, they identified as the “following Science” conglomerate but at some point they became so attached to their new identity, the new normal-that they lost the ability to absorb anything new. Even while Science was doing exactly that. 

You see, it was the identity reward that lured them in and the identity reward kept them there, where they remain immobilized. New normalized. Terrified. 

I don’t say this to mock them, as their behaviour speaks to the very real and clear effects of psychological warfare. 

They are now so deeply invested in the identity of someone “who made the right choice”, “stayed home, saved lives” single-handedly- that rather than hear what is clear as day, they have doubled down and will now insist the same bad choices be forced upon the rest of us, rather than be willing to accept information-not new-but now more widely accepted, with Johns Hopkins starting the slow tiptoe out of the dark ages.

For example, the CDC as well as a growing list of countries have recommended abandoning most Covid-19 measures, accepting the endemic nature of our situation. Even more than that, John Hopkins finally released a study which confirmed what was clear all along-that lockdowns cost many more lives than they could have saved. By an absolutely heartbreaking measure. Naturally, a few (sponsored) Scientists have come out against this analysis, but they can’t stop the avalanche of data that is piling up showing that to save a very small number of lives, many more were lost-one cannot downplay the overwhelming suicide increase in young people who had most of their lives ahead of them, to slightly prolong the lives of people who had very little time left, and were at peace with it. This is diabolical, to say the least.

The problem is that sometimes a shiny new identity is like new relationship energy. It feels so good that you want to ride it out a bit before you get real about it. 

And that’s where things get weird. 

You see, your government and public health officials don’t know how to tell you something:

The only reason we still currently have these measures in place is because you are in fact traumatized by what you have been through and in your current state, you aren’t ready to part with this self-aggrandizing badge of honour. It would mean questioning the unquestionable. Our apparent keepers know that moving too quickly will spook you and we can already see your weird tweets about how “if restrictions are dropped, I won’t eat at restaurants with unvaccinated people” (seriously dude, read a study and turn off your tv) and this leads to my next point. 

These people have by and large been propagandized through their televisions and cell phones. 

Without a question. 

Something has happened to people and they are not ok. They have no idea how they look to the world. but they don’t care. 

They are hysterical, privileged and maniacal in their expression of inconvenience. Their absolute privilege is disturbing to behold-most having never lost a paycheque and been only mildly disturbed by infringements of Charter rights, if not thrilled. They can’t possible understand the suffering they have never known, nor even seen, from their roomy backyards and home offices.

Their anger at possible removal of restrictions is real and that’s because it’s grounded in fear. 

They are afraid of the world now. It’s important that we tell them the truth rather than indulge this spoiled, irrational behaviour. 

The cloth masks were always dangerous. 

You never need a mask outside. 

It was always airborne. 

The dots in the supermarket didn’t help (but made somebody a fortune in sticker sales!) 

Lockdowns never had a chance of saving lives, relative to the greater number of lives that were lost as a result of them. 

And while the vaccines have not yet been proven safe, still no one is trying to deprive you of your vaccine. They merely want choice and it’s non-negotiable. What we have are a group of traumatized, propagandized people whose refusal to accept new information is now dangerous to the rest of us.

We could all be going about our lives right now. Instead we are watching government and public health try to gently spin you around and send you into the world, knowing they’ve programmed you to be reactive and averse. 

If you aren’t ready, we understand. 

If you’re afraid of restaurants, you shouldn’t go. That’s an actual choice. You can’t demand that others be kept out for your comfort, not if you’re actually following the data. Unvaccinated people haven’t been allowed in those places, meaning it’s the vaccinated who make those places “dangerous” at the moment. We know “Scientifically” that the rate of spread is not less for the vaccinated. This isn’t a maybe:

This was always known (a reality of non-sterilizing vaccines) and your public health officials have been trying to tell you. They are easing you in because they acknowledge your reticence. This should strike people as infantilization but for some reason it gives them comfort, so while they hurl “selfish” at their fellow citizens, they fail to see how we are all just waiting for them to catch up to the current  chapter in this mass psychological operation. Ironically, we are obligated to do it for them!

We beg you to wake up and smell the hot fresh data, which proves what the real experts were saying long ago. 

If you were paying attention to Israel, ground zero of the experiment, they were already verifying all of this back in summer of 2021, and of course many more independent Scientists and Researchers were saying so back in 2020 before this upward transfer of wealth compromised so many of their colleagues.

We get it. 

You opted to have the details curated, polished and flavoured. Who doesn’t love a Rachel Maddow rant, regardless of how utterly false and propagandish it is? (I don’t. To be clear). 

We tried to nudge you gently. 

You’re obstinacy is killing us. 

Please, undoctrinate yourselves immediately. We can’t breath and we are sick of placating your psycho-drama. You are driving an epidemic of division,fear and ignorance.

~Seriously, everyone who reads actual data and understands the Scientific process


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