Dear Momazon,

I am a single-parent raising two creative kids with a wonderful mix of awareness and exceptionalities. I have some life experience in the areas of #autismspectrumdisorders, #tourettesyndrome, #OCD #communicationchallenges and in particular, go-with-the-flow #creativeparenting. I have tried a lot of voodoo and some of it stuck. I have done a few raindances, and sometimes, it poured. I have had some opportunities to share with others some of my insights on how to work with particular challenges – most frequently challenging “behaviours” (or as I call them, communication).  Another common question is ‘how to encourage speech or “meaningful” communication’.I believe that these two things cannot be extracted, one from the other. I have seen few results from ignoring and profound results from redirecting. To do that successfully, one must officially abandon the timelines and scorecards. Expectations must be left at the door.

As parents, we all see things from a very different perspective, particularly as it relates to our own child. I have found other parents to be the most powerful resource and from them I learned the power of advocacy.

If you have questions related to communication or parenting- typical or otherwise, you can send it to Momazon.