Disparity: The Santa Conundrum

“Mom, is Santa Claus real?” As parents, as  purveyors of Christmas, we have all been asked. We all have an answer prepared. There is a pact among parents. An unspoken arrangement. The magical spirit of Santa is our responsibility to maintain. We take our task very seriously- it is not about the gifts and the … Continue reading Disparity: The Santa Conundrum


The Fading Canadian Persona: Can it be saved?

Remember Canada the good? The peacekeepers? The leaders in health care and education? The nation who accept immigrants, because all but our First Nations people ARE immigrants? We aren’t those people anymore. It’s true. We aren’t. We’ve been riding the coattails of our former reputation for some time and less and less people are buying it. Including us

Parents: 5 steps to a friendly(er) divorce

Divorce is a slippery slope. Now there are such things as "friendly divorces", but we all know  3 people who have successfully pulled this off and  50 more, who have not. Inevitably the tension between divorcing partners spills into the environment and can create anxiety and and guilt in their children . Me ask them … Continue reading Parents: 5 steps to a friendly(er) divorce


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